Welcome to your hosted Antispam and Antivirus filter


Quarantine Within this portal, you can view and release emails that have been rejected by the filter but kept in the quarantine area.

Whitelist/Blacklist: You can configure personal Whitelists and Blacklists to allow or disallow certain email addresses or entire domains.

Statistics: You can see the daily or weekly statistics for the domain in which you have your email.

Password: You can change the password used to log in to this portal.

Threat Center

We constantly monitor the level of incoming spam and viruses across users to be able to react to new and unforeseen patterns in the spammers email pattern. This is done to ensure we keep a very high level of filter confidence at all times.

Spam Level

Indicates the amount of emails that have been classified as spam over the last 7 days.

Virus/Worm Level

The percentage of emails infected with a virus, over the last 7 days.
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